Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt. Southern Praying Mantis

Chong Yel Chong (circa 1890 - 1947)

Third Ancestor - Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Mantis; 
Dansui, China

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Chung Yel Chong was the third generation Ancestor and teacher of the Late  Lam Sang's  and  Wong Yook Gong's  Kwongsai Mantis Kungfu. The Chung family home and the Lam family home was across the street from each other in early Pingshan Village times.

The above clip shows Chung Wei Fei, Chung's grandson, treating a patient in the same clinic Chung Yel Chong opened in 1942. This clinic has seen three generations of the Chung family treating patients. Today, it treats some 30-40 patients daily.


 Kwongsai Mantis - Chung Yel Chong's Son

Chung Go Wah (circa 1927 - 1998)
Only son of Chung Yel Chong

All his life, Chung Go Wah practiced Dit Da Medicine in his father's clinic (video above). 
He passed at age 71 and was succeeded by the third generation.


Kwongsai Mantis - Chung Yel Chong's Grandson     Kwongsai Mantis - Chung Yel Chong's Grandson

Chung Wei Fei (L), Grandson of Chung Yel Chong

Chung Wei Fei, Grandson, took over the family business in 1991 making three generations of dit da doctors in this one clinic since 1942.


Family of Chung Yel Chong, 2002.  Chung's daughter (brown), Grandson,
Son-in-law,  Daughter-in-law,
Wong Yu Hua (Wong Yook Gong's son) and RDH.

Chung's Kwongsai Mantis teaching was based on actual combat applications with techniques such as hidden force, phoenix eye fists, club hand, and nail knees with power from the Dan Tien (navel).  Having earned the nickname, "King of the Staff", he incorporated the "34 Points Plum Blossom Staff" to commemorate his teacher, Monk Lee Siem.

Many relatives of Chung Yel Chong, as well as, elder Mantis players remain in the Dan Sui district today. The Hakka are a large minority. At the time of this writing, the Chung family lives very comfortably within a large gated area, three generations under one roof, including both grandsons and their families and their mother. None admit to practice Mantis today, only the Kwongsai Jook Lum Temple Medicine. 

For an in-depth interview of Chung Yel Chong's family refer to the  China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey.


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