Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt. Southern Praying Mantis

Iron Uncle Chung Wu Xing (circa 1907 - 2004)

1st Chung Yel Chong Disciple - Kwongsai Mantis;  Pingshan
, China

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This is an excerpt from an interview of Elder "Iron Uncle Chung" when he was 95 years old (2002).   He was a student of Chung Yel Chong in Pingshan Town circa 1927.  Sadly, he passed shortly after this interview.  Video above Uncle Chung left and Wong Yu Hua (Wong Yook Gong's son).


China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey  excerpt:

Circa 1927, Uncle Chung persuaded Chung Yel Chong to teach him "Chin Chop Sao," of the Kwongsai Mantis.  Soon, Chung Yel Chong opened his first Kwongsai Mantis Tong in Pingshan Town, the Shang Mo Tong, Highest Martial Hall, and accepted other students including Lam Sang and Wong Yook Gong.   Chung Gong stated they all four recreated together in the Pingshan opium dens.   (Refer to the  Wong Yu Hua Interviews).   As a young man, Uncle Chung greatly enjoyed training mantis and was given the nickname of "Iron Chung" since he had the ability to withstand heavy blows.

Iron Uncle Chung Wu Xing, aged 95

Uncle Chung also said that he had also gone with Lam Sang and Chung Yel Chong to Quarry Bay in Hong Kong in the 30's.  There he had again smoked opium with Chung and Lam.

He stated, Chung Yel Chong opened his first Hong Kong School at Quarry Bay, Seven Sisters Street.   Chung's first patient, not student, was a well known wealthy man, Leung Chuk Kau, who paid $200 for his first successful herbal treatment.  That got Chung's school off to a good start and it grew in popularity and became known as the "Wind and Fire" School of Dragon Tiger Mountain.

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