Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt. Southern Praying Mantis

Lai Wei Keung (circa 1924 - still going strong 2011)

Disciple of Wong Yook Gong - Kwongsai Mantis; Huizhou, China

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Lai Wei Keung, even at the advanced age of 80+ is not shy about Mantis.
He was one of the first to be certified as a Mantis Sifu by Wong Yook Gong.
Both he and his father, were also Lao Sui's Chu Gar disciples.


Lai Wei Keung, Sifu, was the first instructor at Wong Yook Gong's Shang Mo Tong (Highest Martial Hall) in Pingshan, 1948.

He started training Chu Gar Tanglang, at the age of 10, under the tutelage of Mr. Yang Sao at the Guanyin Temple, Bok Lo in Huiyang (Wai Yearn) (you can still go to these places - half an hour from Pingshan by car).  Yang Sao was one of the Chu Gar teachers of
Lao Sui.

Lai Sifu also trained under Mr. Lai Ku, who was a student of Chung Yel Chong, before becoming a student of Wong Yook Gong.   Lai Sifu stated that originally people learned only one set, Som Chin Yu Kiu, and that they joined a martial tong (hall) because there was little food available elsewhere, but that all members contributed rice to the Tong and so food was always available.




Lai Sifu still heads up a Unicorn troupe and has a strong youth group following him as well.


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