Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt. Southern Praying Mantis

Patrick Lee Chi Ho 

Son of Lee Kwok Leung - Kwongsai Mantis;  Hong Kong


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I first met Patrick circa 1992 in Hong Kong and he was a young thin man.  Since, he has become a Sifu in his own right.  As the son of Lee Kwok Leung Sifu, Patrick has become not only a Kwongsai Mantis Sifu but a kungfu gentleman as well.

In early 1996, Patrick and I exchanged correspondence by postal service in which I invited him and his father to visit and stay in the USA.  Unfortunately, that wasn't possible at the time, although, since then we have visited many times in Hong Kong and remain friends...RDH

Patrick Sifu is featured in further detail and video in the  China Southern Praying Mantis Survey 

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