Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt. Southern Praying Mantis

Lok Wei Ping (circa 1920 - still going strong 2011)

Disciple of Wong Yook Gong - Kwongsai Mantis; Huizhou, China


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Video:  Aged 80+, Lok plays 'Som Chin Yu Kiu' set.
One can observe the symbolism of the early mantis.

Lok Wei Ping and his father, Lok Fei Ting, were students of Lao Sui's Chu Gar
before becoming a student of Wong Yook Gong.


Circa. 1930, before meeting Wong Yook Gong, for more than eight years, Mr. Lok and his father were students of Lao Sui in Hong Kong. He states that Lao Sui never mentioned Kwongsai mantis, only speaking of Chu Gar, until after the incident in which Wong Yook Gong had defeated Lao Sui's student.

After the incident with Chu Gar, Mr. Lok decided to learn Som Dot's upper order kungfu and studied both the Tanglang and the Dit Da medicine from Wong Yook Gong. From the mid 1930's to the 60's he continued to follow and assist Wong Sifu. When Wong Sifu opened numerous schools in Hong Kong, Mr. Lok dressed wounds, treated patients and taught mantis boxing at the Tsuen Wan school.



After a disagreement about the boxing standard, staff play and Elder Lok Wei Ping refusing to play with a pole that was too short, someone ripped off a door facing, sharpened it on the side of the wall and handed it to Lok. He played the complete 34 Plum Flower Staff beginning to end without stopping (except in the squatting posture when his knee failed) with the door facing.   His movements weren't pretty but they showed focus and function.

Mr. Lok's stature is short, hardly five foot tall, but his martial intent and fiery nature is readily apparent. He leaves no question as to his past, ability or mantis knowledge.

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