Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt. Southern Praying Mantis

Wong Yook Gong (circa 1916 - 1968)

Chung Yel Chong Disciple - Kwongsai Mantis;  Pingshan, China


Master Wong Yook Gong, learned from master Chung Yel Chong. As a kungfu master, Wong Kwongsai Master Wong Yook Gong was patient, with an interest to teach, hardworking, and had an unselfishness to teach all his knowledge.

Wong, as a teenager, met his master, Chung Yel Chong, beside the East River. Wong was impressed by Mr. Chung's extraordinary kungfu and his good manner and so became his student. In the first three years, he was taught only the basics, although, he still practiced hard and sincere. His master, observing his sincerity, decided to teach him all the praying mantis kungfu, internal and external, soft and hard, and the medicine.

In another four years time, he was able to understand absolutely the main points of the body posture and breathing, as well as, the staff and sword. Since, he had attained a solid founda­tion, any kind of change did not bother him at all. Afterwards, his teacher decided to give Mr. Wong his own school and asked him to fulfil his dream on the upper and lower streams of the East (Dong) River (Jiang). He took many students and they were all treated the same, slow or fast, mind or ability. Master Wong tried his best to help them all to become a success.

He encouraged the higher level students not to look down on the younger brothers, even though they may have more training, and taught them the higher purpose of kungfu was for health and fitness and the continuation of Chinese culture.

As a martial art teacher, Master Wong encouraged his students to exchange with other "pai" so they would be experienced in the exchange of techniques, and although, his kungfu was outstanding, he never seriously hurt anyone in order to win. Other masters and "pai" treated him like a brother-friend and he became famous because of his gentlemanly behavior. Many people travelled from far distances to become Master Wong's students and then taught in their own areas, as he was known to be good-hearted and open-minded! Especially, in regards to his kungfu.

Wong Yook Kong - Kwongsai Mantis Master Wong's teaching included at the Primary Stage:

Horse stance
Single Arm Form
Two Arms Form
Three Scissors-
Shaking* Bridge Form
(*Shake, wave, rock, turn, wag)
Four Doors Fist Form
Flexible Fists and Feet Form
Counter-dismantle Fist Wood Pole
Wooden Staff
Four Doors Staff
Five Forward Piercing Staff
Praying Mantis Single Broadsword
Hero Spear Form
Refining the Bridge Form
Strike a Sandbag Form
Iron Circle Apparatus Form
Uncommon Form Method

Very detailed information contained in the:
China Southern Praying Mantis Kungfu Survey






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