Kwongsai Dragon Tiger Mt. Southern Praying Mantis

Wong Yu Hua 

Son of Wong Yook Gong - Kwongsai Mantis; Pingshan, China


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Above Video:  Unicorn pays respect to Wong Yu Hua - traditional Hakka salute
I have never met a better example of a gentleman sifu, in China. Wong Yu Hua is well respected
in kungfu circles throughout south China and Hong Kong. He is down to earth, unpretentious, and
considerate of others. I am grateful to him and his family for his long friendship. --- RDH


Wong Yu Hua had the good fortune to learn directly from many of his elder uncles and brothers. 

Among those are uncles (refer to the Survey Interviews) Yao Kam Fat, Xu Fat Chun, Yang Gun Ming, and older Brother Lai Wei Kueng, not to mention Chung Yel Chong's student, Chen Poon, (passed in 1980's), who was also a friend of Chu Gar Gao teacher, Lao Sui.

Wong Yu Hua - Standard Bearer Upon meeting several of Brother Yao Hua's teacher's and their relatives it was said of him by, Yao Kam Fat, 80, "Yao Hua was a naughty boy with exceptional skill who I couldn't do a thing with."

Xu Fat Chun, Iron Ox Pai and student of Wong Yook Gong as well, was quoted as saying, "You are your father's son", and Yang Gun Ming was quoted as saying, "I am satisfied that Yu Hua is Wong Yook Gong's son who will carry forward his skill and art."

From the age of 13, Yu (Yao) Hua, practiced the Dit Da medicine and the Tanglang kungfu. He was recognized in a local martial art competition as one who competed and excelled in five different events in one competition. 

Above image Wong Yu Hua demos the shifting footwork of 'Ba Mun' 8 Doors.

In 1984, Wong Yao Hua, opened his first school in Pingshan named after his son, Wong Xing Jong.

He is quoted as saying,

Iron steps are firm but flexible, hear the opponents sound, see his shadow, move accordingly;
From the feet, waist, and shoulders power will arrive in the hands.
Float, sink, swallow and spit principles are from three points; feet, waist and shoulders as one.

Yao Hua stresses Brother-friendship today and that there is no best kungfu, no number one, only heirs to the teaching.  And that kungfu should never be used for undesirable purposes.  

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