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Yang Gun Ming (circa 1908 - 1984)

Disciple of Chung Yel Chong - Kwongsai Mantis; Liangjiang, China


Yang Gun Ming was a student of Lao Sui's Chu Gar before becoming
a student of Chung Yel Chong.  He was junior uncle of Wong Yook Kong.

Yang Gun Ming was the sishuk, junior uncle, of Wong Yook Gong and one of Sifu Wong Yu Hua's teachers.   Early on, Yang and his father trained in Chu Gar Gao (before it became
Chu Gar Mantis) but then they both changed to learn "Tanglang or Mantis" from Chung Yel Chong in Pingshan during the last years of Chung's life.  At the time, Wong Yook Gong was also a student of Chung Yel Chong.

When Yang was still a young man, the New China communist authorities asked him to head the local wushu organization but he refused, not wishing to be involved. Later, in the cultural revolution, he was punished for his decision and decided not to pass on the Mantis to his two sons, instead training them only in the dit da medicine.


L-R Wong Yu Hua, RDH, Yang's Elder Son, His Wife Behind, Younger Son and
Yang Gun Ming's Wife Front and Center! A spry 89! (2002) 

Today, the two son's, both in their 60's, work in public hospitals in the local Hakka district as Dit Da Doctors. Neither learned Mantis, but it is clear, in this village district, that Yang Gun Ming was a Mantis master of the first order.  In Liangjiang today, there remains quite a lot of students and still a few "Guans" or schools who succeeded Yang Gun Ming's teaching.

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